Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security – Nowdays everything is available online, you can do shopping online, do banking online and much more, but everything has both positive and negative points. Digitalization makes our life better and easy, we do not need to go outside for anything. We can do our all work online, but there is also have some disadvantages of Digitalization, like someone can store your personal data, banking details, and so on.

Types of Hackers

There are mainly three types of Hackers available. First one is Black-Hat Hackers and the second one is White-Hat and the third one is Grey-Hat. The Black-Hat are those hackers who used their skills to do illegal work like stealing someone’s data, money, attacking on websites, etc. The White-Hat Hackers are those hackers who used their skills to protect systems/cyber word from malicious attacks or Hackers. The Grey-Hat Hackers is works in both manner, or you can say this is the mixture of both Black and White.

What is Cyber Security ?

You can relate this term with White-Hat Hackers because they provides security to cyber world. They protects system, server, websites, etc, from malicious attacks.


Career Opportunities

Cyber Security is a growing carrier in India and in some other countries also. If you have interested in this field then this is very good idea. If you can make yourself perfect then you can also get job in Cyber Cell . Because Cyber Security is need of every organization nowdays. Lots of companies hire Experts at a high salary package in India and also in other countries for making his server secure.

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