Top 5 Highest Paying Programming Jobs

Top 5 Highest Paying Programming Jobs

In this post, I am going to share the top 5 highest paying programming jobs with the post. However, if you looking for next step of your job carrier it’s useful blog for you. Check out the top paying programming jobs.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist demands day by day, so it’s one of the highest-paying jobs. They collect the data complex to help organizations to run better. Nowadays this is one of the highest Paying Programming Jobs in the world.

Skills required to be a Data Scientist:

■ Creating data models

■ Python, R, SAS

■ Understanding machine algorithm

■ Problem solving capability

The average salary of Data Scientist is $150,000.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering should know about developing a cloud and coordinating and implementation in cloud environment. So it’s not tough job right!!.

Skills required to be a Cloud Engineer:

■ Knowledge of Google cloud

■ platform (OR) Amazon web service

■ Communication skill

■ Knowledge of Cloud application architecture

The average salary of Cloud Engineering is $110,000.

DevOps Specialist

DevOps needs to know maintain deployment infrastructure and creating responsible for designing, integrating cloud service So it automated the process.

Skills required to be a DevOps Specialist:

■ Familiar with DevOps

■ Using Linux and Unix OS

■ Understanding network operation and deployment

■ Coding

The average salary of DevOps Specialist is $110,000 to $130,000.

Full-stack Developer

It definitely the highest paying job in the industry. You need skills in every stage of development from concept to end product.

Skills required to be a Stack developers:

■ Design and Develop an API

■ Web development

■ Database technology

■ Coding

The average salary of Full-stack Developer is $105,000.

Mobile Developer

Mobile need to create a responsive application, websites, games, etc. They work for companies who need to establish their application to mobile compact.

Skills required to be a Mobile Developer:

■ Coding

■ Problem-solving

■ Imaginative

■ Analyse the problem

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